Southeastern, PA lawyer discusses the various types of abuse

When individuals are experiencing abuse and need assistance to navigate the legislation designed for protection, Jack A. Rounick and his team can help. At The Law Office of Jack A. Rounick, we fully understand the court codes that can protect our clients from abuse with PFA (Protection From Abuse) orders through the Southeastern PA courts.

There are several different types of abuse acknowledged by the court system.

Sexual Abuse
Sexual abuse is any unwanted sexual act upon another, including rape.

Physical Abuse
Abuse to one’s body counts as physical abuse, and can be handled with a PFA order.

Child Abuse
Child abuse may include physical and sexual abuse, as well as neglect.

Protection orders exist for those who are victims of stalking.

The Pennsylvania courts do not recognize emotional abuse and a PFA order cannot be issued for this specific type of abuse.

In the state of Pennsylvania, victims have the right to obtain a PFA order based on the Protection From Abuse act. This legislation was written to protect victims of abuse and stalking. It can be issued for abusers who are related, household members or who have an intimate relationship.

Several types of PFA orders can be placed on an abuser, including a temporary order where the Court finds there is an immediately or present danger of abuse (issued while a case is pending), and a final PFA order, which can be upheld up to three years.

Those who violate PFA orders may be turned into the authorities, and they are risking jail time, fines, and confiscation of weapons. The laws surrounding PFA orders were developed to protect innocent parties. However, navigating the court system can be intimidating for many victims of abuse.

At The Law Office of Jack A. Rounick, we understand that situations may arise in which you need legal protection against someone who is stalking or harming you or a family member. If you are ready for proper representation in the courts to protect yourself or someone you know, contact our law office today to schedule an initial consultation appointment with Jack A. Rounick who is dedicated to helping others receive equal treatment and protection via proper Court orders.